Specifi Getting Started

It’s easy to start using Specifi!

Here is a quick overview to help you get underway:

  1. Register as a User
  2. If required, create a Company - this enables multiple Users to share projects, combine billing, and share tasks. Users may work for many different Companies under one Specifi User Account. Select an Administrator for your Company or request access to an existing Company by asking their Administrator to send you an invite.
  3. If you are an Administrator, start inviting Users to your Company.
  4. Both Users and Companies can fill out a credit application form, or if you prefer, pay by credit card via our online payment gateway.
As you create projects, the My Projects page will be your access point. It looks similar to a bookcase of files, making it easy to select and access projects. If you are part of a Company, or Companies, you will be able to view and access Company projects from this page.

The Projects Dashboard is your projects file or folder. Everything connected with your project is found here for fast and easy navigation. The Dashboard has three parts - Project Management, My To Do List and Project Summary. These are all great tools that keep you informed of where you’re at on a project and to take you right there.

  • Project Management provides quick access to all elements of your project, from structural elements to documentation and invoicing.
  • My To Do List highlights any actions required to complete a project, e.g. payment of an invoice or requesting a bespoke engineering solution.
  • Project Summary shows which parts of your project are in progress or have been completed via a colour-coded traffic light system.
  • As you progress through Specifi, a yellow ‘trail’ shows where you are, so you can navigate your way efficiently.